Currently, Center for Agricultural Science Services pays research topics according to the following process:

1. The subject manager signing a contract with the Center.

2. The project manager agreeing with the Center on the cost estimate.

3. The project manager provides documents to the Center according to the budget plan. The documents are as follows:

3.1 Expenses for the Project Manager:

-         Contract assignment

-         Payment request

-         Receipt

3.2 Outsourcing contract: Contracts must be signed by the Center to be valid for payment at the Center.

-         Contract for contracting             

-         List of workers

-         Payment receipt

-         Request payment

-         Receipt

-         A commitment to temporarily not collect personal income tax (if any).

3.3 Invoices

        All invoices have a date of issue that is still in the contract term and must contain sufficient information in the form to be valid for payment at the Center.

4. In case the project manager fails to provide valid and valid invoices or vouchers or does not properly spend according to the budget estimate, that part of the budget will be considered as the income of the subject manager and the Center will temporarily collect 10% of personal income tax on that part of the expenditure according to the current law provisions.



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